Learn All About Izzy's BBQ Lounge and Grill

See how we got our start and what sets us apart

Isadore, one of the first Black business owners in Superior, opened Izzy's BBQ Lounge and Grill in 2014. In just a few short years, we grew to become one of the most popular barbecue and burger joints in the area.

Want to know what sets us apart from the rest? The secret's in:

Our homemade barbecue sauce: It's the perfect balance of sweet and savory and made right here in our kitchen.
Our smoked meats: We also smoke all our meat ourselves in our massive smoker, so your meal will have that distinct smoky, mouthwatering flavor.
Our hand-cut fries: Forget the fries from the cheap, big-name restaurants. We cut our french fries by hand every single day.

Stop by today to see for yourself why our customers keep coming back for more.

Providing great food and a great time for all

Our fully renovated, family-friendly restaurant is open every day of the week. So stop by with your colleagues after work or bring the family for a night of food and fun. You won't want to miss the bands and live music that we host or the outdoor dining opportunities coming soon.

We can also accommodate big parties! Call 715-392-3337 today for more information about hosting a party or event with us.